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The International Conference of EuroIslam Project is coming… and will take place here, in Bucharest - historically speaking, a city which combines the very best of both influences- European and Islamic characteristics.

This is the right place to come and find out the answers to an important theme nowadays: Islam and Europe - Mixed or Separated.

The International Conference will take place between 2nd - 8th October and it aims to promote values of mutual respect and understanding between different cultures and religions and to fight against intolerant and xenophobic attitudes focused on the European and the Islamic world.

You will find here a place of intercultural learning among young people. The participants will have the opportunity to discuss the European values and to deepen the understanding of those universal values such as: tolerance, solidarity and cooperation which should become the fundament of a more united and larger Europe. Moreover, by crossing the European borders and gathering young people with different backgrounds and visions from over 30 countries the participants will have the chance to make connections, to overcome prejudice and common misconceptions, to interact openly and directly, to benefit from inter-cultural and inter-religious exchange of ideas, to multiply the results of former activities and work centered on the Euro-Islam concept, to build empathy and to effectively make differences work for and not against the societal integration and progress.

The main activities are a combination of formal and non-formal education methods, such as: panel discussions, workshops, round tables, simulations, video sessions and role play games.

You will be in contact with the best SALTO and AEGEE Academy trainers, Ambassadors and other representatives from the European and International Institutions, Turkish and Romanian Government, religious authorities.

The event will be preceded by a 3-day pre-event "The Role of Women in the Islamic Society", between 30th of September – 2nd of October 2005. The pre-event aims to fight against gender discrimination both from outside and inside the Islamic Society.