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WOMEN DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION, WDF-Romania is a women organization open to world-wide partnerships with organizations which fight for the same ideals and goals such as: to promote the mutual respect and understanding between different cultures and religions, to fight against intolerant and discriminatory attitudes of any type and to promote the development of women. The foundation’s actions are based on values like cooperation, tolerance, mutual respect and gender equality. In order to be a powerful and influential societal actor, the foundation is targeting the following objectives:

  • to promote research and the completion of research projects on wide variety of subjects within the social sciences ( including the economic science and the political sciences);
  • to develop projects in cooperation with the international and the European institutions;
  • to undertake actions which aim at preventing and stopping physical and mental abuse and prejudices against the liberty of personal opinion and expression;
  • to involve media and the decision factors in the society in supporting the human rights related education;
  • to facilitate access to the labor market for women;
  • to issue publications ( informative bulletins, studies, articles, research papers, etc);
  • to cooperate with similar organizations promoting the same principles and values at a local, national and international level and engaging in cooperation and partnership programs;
  • to support actions and initiatives in line with the foundation’s aim or complementary to its objectives;