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General Information

AEGEE (Association des États Généraux des Étudiants de l’Europe) - European Students' Forum - is the largest interdisciplinary European students' organisation. AEGEE is also a non-profit and non-governmental organisation, not linked to any political party.

Founded in Paris, in 1985, AEGEE has now over 250 locals (branches) in 40 countries throughout Europe, summing up to 17,000 members.

AEGEE Bucuresti was established in 1996 and has now over 150 members, students from different universities in Bucuresti like the Academy of Economic Studies, University of Bucuresti, Polytechnics University, the National School for Political and Administrative Studies, The Architecture Institute. Every year, new members, selected by using well-established criteria (motivation, creativity, enthusiasm, desire to get involved, openness to European ideas and values) have joined AEGEE Bucuresti.

Through the numerous events it organises, AEGEE Bucuresti promotes European values, trying to enhance the information flow towards students and to support their research activities, all in an environment that provides cooperation, tolerance and mutual respect.

The objectives and means for attaining this goal are:

  • Providing experience and knowledge transfer through the organization of conferences, workshops, debates, summer and winter universities, with specialized guests from Romania and abroad;
  • Facilitating the access to information needed to obtain scholarships and other opportunities for students, including career counselling;
  • Educating students regarding the European Organisms and Organizations, their purpose and importance for Romania, as well as the concrete means of integrating through organizing conferences, workshops, simulations, debates and editing a News Bulletin.

In the seven years from its foundation AEGEE Bucuresti can be easily considered one of the most active locals in the network, having organized many events both on local and European level, on various themes with the involvement of other NGO-s or AEGEE locals.

On Local Level

Apart from organising numerous fairs, conferences and seminars that target the youth, gathering over 17,000 participants, AEGEE Bucuresti is proud to having set up a tradition in the celebration of Europe's Days and the European Day of Languages. Thus, it has contributed to bringing forward the issues of European integration among Romanian youth and to their awareness of the Erasmus Mobility Scheme. Apart from these periodical events, among the permanent activities we can include a debate club "Homo Debatus", foreign language courses held by AEGEE voluntary members and also a news bulletin for students, "MessAEGEE".

One of the most important local events was Students’ Action Week whose first edition was held in 2004 and had an impressive number of over 2500 participants. The event aims at informing students about opportunities of studying abroad, career possibilities and voluntary organisations.

On European Level

AEGEE Bucuresti is active when it comes to organising events for foreign students, in order to improve the image of Romania abroad and to eliminate the prejudice that exists toward the countries from Eastern Europe. At these events, no matter whether they were Summer or Winter Universities, thematic conferences or a diplomatic seminar, participated over 1,200 students from countries like Czech Republic, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Malta, Montenegro, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey and Ukraine.

A special mentioning deserves the organisation of the largest student event ever in Romania, the General Assembly of AEGEE Europe, AGORA, with almost 800 participants, which took place between 1-4 of May 2003 in Constanţa, as well as European School 1, 25 th of March – 3 rd of April, an intensive leadership course dedicated to leaders and potential ONG leaders from all over Europe who had the chance to prepare themselves in the field of local projects management .